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All events of a commercial and cultural nature. In any size and location range. Single, cyclical or simultaneous. For children and adults. For employees and friends. Training, advertising, integration, jubilee. Party-style, major, gala, mixed. Design, festivals, ludic, historical, new age. Festivals, concerts, formal presentations, official openings, finals...

In short: We do EVENTS in every option.

Since 1995.

We bring experience and quality.

The questions is: When? Where? For whom? On what scale? What’s the budget? And in which parts of the organization would you like us to participate?

We have gained the trust of those who tried and it’s our biggest value.

We have had the privilege to work for:

General Electric, Volvo Poland, Groups PZU SA, Amplico Life, Coca-Cola SA,  Dialog SA, PGF Urtica SA, Waco, Bahn Technik Wrocław Sp. z o.o., Impel SA, EKO.

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