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Integration Events

We are always open for your wishes and we are happy to provide any production you need to have!

But this is to discuss once we know your questions and suggestions…

In the meantime, to meet your needs we created few “ready to go” packages of events for integration meetings. We have been working on those scripts for many years always with a success!

Military maneuvers - NATO event. Even you can be a solider.

According to the fact that we have joined the NATO every company needs to provide a military training for their employees. Everyone meets in headquarters, they get uniformed and divided into plutons.

They need to go through medical examination. They get acknowledged with military and artistic rules. Suddenly, the procedures are being interrupted by official order from the NATO headquarters about losing important transport. Plutons accompanied by our “Soldiers-Guides” embark to the “war zone”, where each pluton needs to walk through some test and tasks (depending on the preference physical or more quiet ones). 

FILM OSCARS – For this event proposal we were awarded in 2009 in Event Trades in Warsaw.  Now you can become a movie star or a director or script writer. We divide participants for filming groups, that based on commonly known prepared screenplay will produce their own movie. We provide to each group cameras with cameramen, props and costumes, we do make-up. The filming productions should last between 2-5 hrs. Next, while participants have a break, we edit and montage films and we prepare the evening Oscar gala, during which we present ready movies. All participants will judge their productions based on a survey, in the end we award winners with Oscar statues. 

CASINO the proposal is based on one of the oldest addiction of a mankind - "hazardum variette". In a fiction thematic form, we give away money to play (they usually are printed with your Company's logo). We give a chance to face their fate .... for the best players we prepare an auction full of surprises. 

Branzo's Casino may be transformed into many places: hidden dive from the Prohibition times, Elegant Casino Royale, a Cuban shebang, Military Casino or Crazy Laboratory - depending on the customers' needs and requirements. 

IN THE HAZE OF COMMUNISM Party based on the memoirs evening about past, colorful communist times. We prepare quizzes which are led by the announcer alternating with music blocks similarly to the TV transmission from the jubilee congress of our party, a report from the route of the century construction, proposals for the celebration of 1st of May, the search for a candidate for Eurovision, TV show Wielka Grahow to solve the problem of tent holidays for employees, Społem work, social games like "Cymbergaj", participation in the World Championship of Football 1982, and in the end the how can we fight the imperialist beetle.

QUIZ COCKTAIL It's a party fun combining atmosphere of a TV SHOW and parodies game. Questions and passwords are associated with your Company and with the situation in the country – all in a  funny way with humor.

SEVEN SINS ALCHEMIA In connection with the forthcoming period of hard work we want to gather strength for the coming time when we will be struggling with responsibilities. Therefore, in the mysterious lab, we prepare with our joint forces a brew to fight our weaknesses and fears, and above the all – to fight the seven deadly sins flooding cruel world.

Other often used parties are: Hawaii, 70s’, Disco Party, Super Agent and individual. 

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