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Branzo Group takes also care of organizing professional trainings.

We have the ability to create a training under the following motto:

• Business Etiquette

• Diplomatic Protocol

• Art of public appearances/speaking

• Art of presentation and argumentation

• Art of occurrences - acting workshops

• Communication with a difficult client

• International negotiations - how to win and give the feeling of winning, and many others.

Among many other trainings, we have organized How to crush competitors led by general Roman Polko, special force commander. Training learned about effective motivation for the team and setting the desired goals, manage the execution of tasks by the team and shaping the determination to build teamwork and personal leadership.

We only have one chance to make a first good impression. Therefore we organize trainings with Agnieszka Moro-Ross, a lecturer in Monika Jaruzelska “Style School” and lecturer in Higher Psychology Academy, a lady who runs workshops in the field of image creation, self-presentation, dress code in business as well as body language. 



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