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Executive Producer

Branzo Group from the very beginning appeared as a comprehensive creator of many artistic projects, combining and coordinating the wide range of technical and artistic background which is nowadays required by the market. 

After nearly 20 years of cooperation we have an excellent base of; authors, designers, artists, studios, workshops, multimedia companies. 

We create production teams for specific contracts, reducing the distance between creator and the customer as much as possible, we eliminate unnecessary middlemen and increase of prices. 

A very important aspect is our experience covering a wide range of production and knowledge of procedures for individual industries.

On request, we also offer our services as an independent expert to verify the offers you have been presented. We are happy to help in the range of services with artistic media and event profile. Thanks to our experience and financial capital, in addition to creating works for customers on their requests, we more and more often engage in financing our own products and we ensure their continued existance in the market.

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