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multimedia productions

Having wide experience with dozens of tv productions and professional team of designers, Branzo produces also every task related to film production that accompanies to the modern films on a daily basis.

We take a comprehensive part of the concept beginning from the form of the release up to finished materials on a contemporary media.

We prepare full packages i.e. training video presentations introducing new elements of development, artistic highlights of jubilee events and records of activities in the form of a documentary films.

We offer Internet broadcasts of organized events and projects with complex multi-technical system, also involving satellite cars.

We can prepare equipment and facilities for the production with the latest multimedia technologies according to the needs of the Customer.

We work with symultanous translation kits, along with cabins, and a proven team of translators.

We provide technology for presentation in indoor and outdoor facilities, all kinds of screens, projectors, creating thematic mapping and intimate activities with the Go-Pro cameras.

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