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theater performance and concerts

Due to the high artistic and cultural value, Branzo Group decided to take care as an independent producer, a concert and theatrical performance presented at the 35 Review of Stage Songs in Wroclaw, directed by J. Bieluans, "Białoszewski 44". We modified and change some parts and arranged it in a way to ensure its continuous utilization by turning it into strictly concert version titled "Miron Białoszewski - Memoir of the Uprising Warsaw".

Leading roles are performed by Kinga Preis, Adam Nowak (Raz, Dwa, Trzy leader), Mateusz Pospieszalski the author of musical/vocal arrangements and team of six musicians, string quartet and eight-member choir.

The whole story tells about the next stages of the agony of the fighting Warsaw. Shocking image show the relation between people in an everyday life picture.  Hundreds of thousands of people trapped in demolished burning capital. The story of the Warsaw tragedy however, brings also metaphorical meaning - it becomes a story about a tragedy of every war, every act of genocide, every violence and terrorism, the image of the cruelty of the history and suffering of innocent people, including those living today.

Mateusz Pospieszalski  reaches for various forms of music from the Baroque polyphony, through the melody of litanies to the sound of pop and rock, rap and sung. Each of the three performers will interpret the Białoszewski text in their own original style. 

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