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We are pleased to work closely with the only Polish astronaut Mirosław Hermaszewski. We organize his author lecutres and meetings with presentations for all interested. 

Mr. Mirosław describes in a very interesting way to the youngest audience about the need to dream and believe in their own strength. About the need to try things. 

For the older audience, he speaks about the importance of exercise and effort invested in achieving his goals, about the role of a teamwork which he bases on the issues from his own life and the period of several years of preparation and then the orbital flight. 

His contact and form of meetings with each generation has a different character. Often enriched with pictures of what he did while being in space, and other visual effects to illustrate the thematic issues of the conquest of the unknown space by a man. It does not matter the age of the listener, because everyone in some way is intrigued how do the preparations and the flight look like.

Schools, colleges, universities, the boards of companies, the youngest still have considerable opportunity to be close to the history and that undoubtedly became a flight of our countryman into space. Welcome to "cosmic" experience.

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