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    Magical Vehicles in Fairytales

    MAGICAL VEHICLES IN FAIRYTALES - event available from January 2017

    We offer you a presentation of interactive themed islands targeted to a young audience. Event is based on the world known fairy-tales canons. The installation consist of 7 islands, which presents:

    - „Cinderella” carriage

    - „Sevenleague-boots”

    - „1001 nights” and Flying carpet

    - „Pinocchio” and a whale

    - ”Alice in wonderland” The rabbit hole,

    - „Jack and the beanstalk”

    - „Thumbellina”

    The grounds of each Island are soft, safe, colorful, they define the Island area.

    1. TALE: 1001 Nights

    Magic carpet, which allows the owner to float in the air, has been known in the history for a very long time. But the greatest fame brought it the story of Scheherazade collected in the "1001 Nights tales." That's where we also find Sesame, hidden treasure robber Ali-Baba and having extraordinary powers Aladdin's lamp and a comprehensive description of further adventures of Sinbad the Sailor.
    Travel to the land of fantasy reading fairy tales. They'll take you away from everyday life!

    2. TALE: Thumbelina

    The heroine of this fairy tale is very tiny. Everything around her, that is ordinary for us, seems huge for her. No wonder that when Thumbelina was kidnapped by Toad she felt distraught and cried. Fortunately, with the help of a small fish, which bit through the stem, she escaped on a large leaf floating like a boat before being forced to the wedding with a frog. She had many adventures, and finally met the King of the Elves!

    Feel like a tiny Thumbelina and get on a leaf!

    3. TALE: Jack and the Beanstalk

    This means of transportation like a big ladder to heaven grew out of magic grains in one night. Directly from the windows of a house, up to the clouds. Thanks to its height, the hero Johnny could climb into a magic land, defeat the three-headed dragon, to gain his black hen that lays the golden eggs and go home. he then lived with his mother happily.

    Get out of our slides, but do not try to climb the bean!

    4. TALE: Cinderella

    In the fairy tale, the evil stepmother and sisters of Cinderella use the work of a poor girl - it is a wonderful theme of transformation, when the godmother Cinderella occurs to be a God Fairy. She can charm out an ordinary pumpkin into a magnificent garden carriage carrying the girl to the ball to meet the prince. By the way, changing a mouse in a horse, a rat into a coachman and old rags in a ballroom gown. Cinderella radiates with happiness. She looks great and can go to the ball!

    Get on with it and listen to the sounds he could hear Cinderella.

    5. TALE: The History of Tom Thumb and Seven league Boots

    These magical shoes, matching the size of the legs of the owner, in one step help him to overcome very large distances appear during the adventures of a small Tom Thumb, looking for his brothers. In the fairy tale an angry werewolf stole the boots, but finally while the gigant was sleeping, Tom pulls them off the beast and from now on his magical shoes help him with further adventures.

    See how it is when one step goes to a completely other lands!

    6. TALE: Pinocchio

    The wooden puppet called Pinocchio has many different adventures. One of the most amazing was meeting with his father, a carpenter Gepetto in the belly of the great whale. Both, at different times, were swallowed up by the whale while traveling at sea. With the cleverness of Pinocchio they manage to travel in its belly to get near the shore and at night when the whale goes to sleep they escape to the land.

    Together we try to imagine how this amazing "submarine" could look like. Do not be afraid and take a look inside the whale!

    7. TALE: Alice in Wonderland

    Alice following the Rabbit to the rabbit hole, discovers a magical pass and gets to Wonderland. She meets there her childhood friends: Hatter, Caterpillar, March Rabbit and March Cat. She also happens to visit the court of the Red Queen. And at our event you can visit the magical world of Alice, you can see yourself on the other side of the mirror in a slightly crooked and funny way.

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