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marvel spider-man and avengers

The concept:  Our new event "Marvel Spider-Man and Marvel Avengers eye to eye" is an interactive event, presenting the Marvel comic world heroes known to us mostly from the big movie productions, the Avengers series as well as interactive Disney Infinity games and from the comic books as well.

Showing realistic characters in plastic arrangements 1:1 named „islands”, will allow to the public a direct contact and possibilty to take a photo with the hero from legendary fantasy world.

The main purpose of the installation is a wider presentation of the character/figures and getting know their history, history of the comic books thanks to many touch screens with installed applications and stories of chosen heroes, their rivals, enemies. There is a possibilty to watch trailers and read prepared pieces of comic books where those heroes appeared fot the first time.

Chosen elements of the scenography: Interactive installation „Marvel Spider-Man & Marvel Avengers – Eye to eye”:

1. Hulk Island (main part of the island: car, an American taxi, a hit lamp post, Hulk figure stading in front of the demolished pieces of street)

2. Iron Man Island (main part of the island: Iron Man figure hanging in the air ona metal post attached to a piece of building wall, the figure is hanging above the defeated Ultron robot – he is the front part of the Island.

3. Captain America Island (main part of the island: Captain Americafigure standing on the airport platform, behind him cannon, in front of the figure stands a Harley Davidson motorbike stylized as a bike that Captain America drove in his movies).

4. Spider-Man Island (main part of the Island: immitation of a skyscraper roof top, Spider-Man figure standing on the roof of the building, possibility to stand next to the figure and take a photo).

5. Thor Island (main part of the Island: piece of Thor’s palace, his throne on which you can come and sit, Thor’s figure standind in front of the throne with his arm raised and holding the famous Mjolnir hammer)

6. Interaction „Superboheroes Test” (interactive element of the installation – a base with built-in weight and railings on each side testing your strength, a screen in front of the person showing the weight, height and strenght and comparing it to each superhero).

7. Interaction „Information post” (An information post prepared and stylized as the old 50’s and 60’s posts, glued with comic book posters about the heroes and other characters, a touch screen on one side, where you can read pieces of comic books).

8. Interaction Hulk Laboratory (interactive element of the installation – a piece of laboratory passage – a counter with two built-in touch screens, with the front wall and the monitor in front of us. The viewer is encouraged to carry on a "DNA test" - displayed on the monitor are the commands, how and where to lay his hands where to press a buton and then it starts testing their DNA and the machine makes a mutation of DNA - as a result we see a simulation of our DNA if we were " Hulk")

9. Additional option – Infinity Battleground  Infinity Play Station 4.  An option offerred by Disney – we put a stand with a small wall and 4 screens hanged on the wall and full equipment of PlayStation 4 set. We have benches with cushions to sit on for the players. It requires an active presence of a hosts.

10. Flying Superheroes - Figures of three superheroes, provided with a light sensor, which is activated by a mirror reflection, this mechanism starts the  ascending mechanism. Fun game for manual precision. The background for the figure is an imitation of the city view and buildings


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