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Not available anymore.

We offer another thematic exposition next to The Secrets of Egypt, created fully by Branzo and prepared especially for prestigious shopping centers and cultural objects. This time we present the most interesting, in our opinion, artistic and colorful plots of 8 novels by French writer Jules Verne (1828-1905), a classic novelist of science-fiction, travel and geo-historical stories.

The abundance of themes and forms in his literature overwhelms even the contemporary audience of the modern Internet times, and the topics of discoveries foreseen by this technical precursor who predicts on pages of his books modern world and true accomplishments of mankind, inspires both - young and adult audience.


There is no need to be a keen J. Verne reader to marvel at a submarine, flying machine, sky-high escapade in little balloon basket, or an expedition to the centre of the Earth. The Jules’ world based on a fabulous imagination and supported by the technical achievements continues to inspire and delight.


 It's a fairy tale which blooms in children's minds and still keeps dozing in the dreams of adults. The scale of achievements certifies the fact that his works have been translated into over 90 languages!

Giving the nature of the exhibition also scientific and educational character, the next presented below "Theme Islands" will contain both - information and quotations from books and the actual achievements of mankind in the certain field. 


The following Islands have been prepared: 

ELEPHANT TRAM from the novel „The steam house”

BALLOON from the novel "Five weeks in a balloon"

NAUTILIUS from the novel „Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea" 

ROBUR from the novel "Master of the World"

SAILING RIKSHAW from the novel „Tribulations of a Chinaman in China"

EARTH from the novel „Journey to the Center of the Earth" 

MISSILE from the novel „From the Earth to the Moon" 

STUDY as a place of work and presentation of Jules Verne 

The exposition has been equipped as well with manual points of interaction for children: periscope, fitness games and audio point where you can hear elements of Verne's novels.

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